Just a heads up

You probably notice that I”m not on here much anymore and it’s because it’s getting… well, depressing.

There’s no reason for me to be on here anymore. People are just being mean now and I don’t feel like logging on here and seeing hate all the time. I didn’t do or say anything to anyone. 

I’ll keep this blog up but I won’t be posting. 

Sorry if anyone gets the wrong idea from my blog. I liked it at first being able to talk to other people about Columbine and other killers because I do like researching the psychology of it all. I don’t ever condone murder and if that’s what you think, you need to get that out of your head right now. If you knew me in real life, you wouldn’t even believe you even thought that. Maybe you just get in confused with me being an incredibly compassionate and sympathetic person. 

I wonder if Dylan listened to Blue October. They had an album out in 1998. He probably would have liked the song “Black Orchid” 

Is there any evidence he liked them? Any mentions of them anywhere ?